Designing an integration-test framework for JavaEE based applications that is GUI independent and allows constructing test cases without programming skills.

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In this theses I was researching the means of creating automated integration tests for Java EE based applications. I was looking for solutions in particular where programming knowledge for formulating test cases is not required. I examined those existing solutions that use the graphical interface of the application under test to automate the test execution and presented a product called Robot that bypasses the user interface and provides a way to execute test activities by directly calling business methods of the system under test. Using the latter tool testers can define test cases using statements that resemble natural language sentences. While experimenting with this solution I came to the conclusion that these statements are not suitable for formulating test cases that involve testing of complex business processes that operate with business objects of complicated structure. Furthermore the Robot framework was proven to be slow and unstable. To fill the gap in the market I felt necessary to create a new solution.

Based on my experience and vision I designed and implemented a test automation framework that allow testers to define test cases in an XML file, providing a means to formulate test cases involving complex business object without having any programming skills.

The architecture and usage of the created framework was presented by automating a few predefined integration test cases for an open source warehouse management software called myWMS. The results were evaluated and areas of potential improvement are discussed at the end of the thesis.


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