Developing a programming game using Unity3D framework

OData support
Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My aim was to create an enjoyable, unique, complete, object oriented game that could be further developed easily. I wanted to create a game, which has typical game options like new game, load game. Moreover, I also wanted to add some functions that are not that frequent, for example a map creator, where you can make your own map. Due to the increasing smartphone usage, I decided to make this game accessible on android as well. During the implementation, I tried to use the best and easiest way to solve the problems. My final goal was to create a game, which can offer tons of options. Therefore, I wanted to create a fun game, where you can improve your programming skills as well.

The result is a colourful, entertaining, creative game, which can easily be improved. The menus have interactive features. Due to a creative solution, the character is capable of moving anywhere unless it is against the rules. The system saves the game automatically, so the player can concentrate on the game. The game is not an endless game, but with the help of the map creator function, you have the option to enjoy the game even after you have finished the other levels. In the map creator, you can create a customised map, according to your own taste. You can try these custom maps anytime; also, you can test your acquaintances, friends and relatives with it.


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