Developing a programming game using Unity3D framework

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Hideg Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smart devices became part of our everyday lives. A few years ago, Pokémon GO was a great success. It showed the potential of the so far uncharted Augmented Reality. Using Augmented Reality, we can combine virtual reality with real life and perception which opens new possibilities in entertainment.

During Project Laboratory I made a programing game where the player could issue commands to his character using a visual language. The goal of my Final Project is to deploy this game on mobile platform and add new Augmented Reality functionalities.

During my work I also created a level maker, which allows the user to construct maps and then play on them.

Using Augmented Reality, the player can use real cards to issue commands to the robot. The player can use his device’s camera to watch the robot executing the given commands in his own room or surrounding.

In my thesis I describe the Unity3D framework and parts of it that were necessary in my work. Next, I am comparing some AR SDKs and describe the chosen tool. In the following chapters I will describe in detail the making of the complete game, the 3 main parts of it: basic game, level maker, AR functionalities.


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