Project risk management

OData support
Dr. Telcs András
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

My thesis presents the method of project planning and its main area: the risk management. One chapter is devoted to the PEM technique which is a relatively newly developed planning process. My thesis aims to use this method and carry out a sensitivity analysis in which I use the output of the PEM.

In the literature part of the thesis I give an overview about project planning and its techniques. I introduce the PEM method in a separate chapter including the general process and the scope of it. Finally I specify the risk management topic and I show the most widely used tool of risk management in detail: the sensitivity analysis.

The practical part of the thesis focuses on project scheduling and the sensitivity analysis. I use the PEM method’s results for the simulation and sensitivity analysis. The company, which provided the data, could not make the cost and resource information available for me so I could use only the information related to timing. In addition they forbade using or mentioning their name and the project name as well in my thesis.


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