Project tracking modul implementation in ERP software

OData support
Risztics Péter Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The project based approach is an important aspect in ERP system’s data processing. The aim of my thesis was to design and implement a project tracking module, which allows the systematic collection and representation of project’s finances and facilitates the projects’ budget tracking.

Since the module was intended to be integrated in an existing ERP system, in the preparation phase, I reviewed the Unified ERP System architecture, its main processes and data structures. For the system is built up with UNIFACE technology, I reviewed and learned the UNIFACE development process and methodology.

From the field of project budget and finances tracking I reviewed the functionality of some existing solutions, assessing the main tasks and goals of project tracking and budgeting.

As the main part of my work, I engineered an own project tracking module, designed its architecture, the data structures and its functions. Based on the design, I implemented the planned module with the UNIFACE development environment, then tested and evaluated the solution.

With the aid of the OpenAmeos modelling tool, I developed a set of scripts and templates for automatic code generation. The scripts allow the generation of UNIFACE code for the implementations of repetitive, similar functions in an application.


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