Developing a project management application on Java EE platform

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my BSc thesis is the popular Java EE framework. The first part of my job was to study its services, architecture, and after write a web application, which is based on this technology. The Java EE technology is able to solve multiple IT problems, therefore a lot of technologies are contained through it. I didn’t deal all of them, I just chose those ones, which were necessary to my project.

My thesis contains a chapter about the technologies applied therein. I give a short review of HTTP, Java web tier components like JSP and servlets, Data Access Objects and the ORM implementation JPA. The HTTP is a very common technology, so I just reviewed the HTTP requests. The Java JSP is the most elementary Java technology to implement a graphical user interface, which is matched by the servlets.

The theoretical chapter is followed by the detailed review of my implementation. It paraphrases the application’s entities, of their associations, the DAO classes, the user interface, which is made by JSP and the servlets. The Business Logic functions are done through the servlets.

I summarize my experiences in the last chapter, which contains some ideas about the potential improvements, as well.


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