Project management in innovation and its software support in corporate environment

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Dr. Kovács Kálmán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Today innovational intention is vital for companies. It is true in almost any specialization, not only in information technology industry, that the majority of a company’s employees undertake more and more creative innovation with great enthusiasm. Problems always start about managing and leading ideas and supporting these efforts and we cannot find a satisfactory solution. The main reason is the lack of executives and managers with the required competences and the process supporting systems.

My internship at a multinational company’s subsidiary, active work and being part of the Hungarian entrepreneurial life have given a lot of help to understand the main problem and studying it. My internship activities, participation in innovation, project management and startup communities and interviews with leaders, employees and founders of domestic multinational or smaller companies have given a lot of help to analyze the role of the innovation value chain and its eligibility and present it in my thesis.

The supporting information technology systems in daily life have now become a kind of general assistant but their efficient application requires significant organizational and cultural transformation. In most cases the innovation support systems have been made within the company, which is a problem because most developers do not have project management skills and do not know the essence of the innovation value chain, therefore the created system will not be done correctly. Furthermore, in many cases, project ideas and proposals within the company are not evaluated by persons with adequate competences and practice. As innovation is typically a process that is different from common tasks and is quite complex, so it is essential for decision makers to have project management and professional skills in this area, too.

My purpose is to compile the necessary knowledge and design a kind of system architecture that provides attainments for innovators and companies that will significantly improve the efficiency of their activities. Using the available secondary literature and the formulated innovation processes, I propose a new approach to the problem and some supporting software for the critical points of the process.

In my thesis I have summarized the knowledge base, whereof in my opinion, a successful innovation process can be built. In addition, I have produced the software’s alpha version, which supports the innovation processes and covers the main functions of the system, so its effectiveness and originality of the theory can be tested in an enterprise environment.


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