Opportunities in Project Management and Hardware Developing Methodologies

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Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

My thesis studies the project management toolkit improvement in effective hardware design. The goal was a detailed research and deliberate recommendations to ensure a more efficient project implementation within today's project management bodies of knowledge while maximize integration with the current methodologies of the hardware and software design areas. Ericsson Research and Development department was the main source of my experiences and survey about possible problems. Not surprisingly the suggestions I made were integrated well in this system. During the proposal, the key consideration for me was to meet the perfect level of project management language while answering all possible questions. For precise knowledge of the base-word I paid special attention to make the most accurate and detailed description with using of official references only (see: chapter 2.). After a short and readable historical chapter I summarized the situation of today's project management methodologies in chapter number 3. The purpose of this chapter was to briefly describe the current opportunities with collecting as much information as possible. After the introduction of technical and project management specialties of hardware related designs, I described the run of Ericsson's GEP3 project. Evaluated the typical problems and collected information from the designers via survey form. The common outcome of the questionnaire and list of the problems had become the principal thought of my proposal. Chapter seven describe my proposition about a better motivating environment and improved communication both in and outside. Next to the new agile based communication I made a detailed interwork description to accomplish the best information change while dedicated responsibility system ensure the in and out of the communication channels. Built in agile procedures grant the better cohesion of the project team and a quality owner take care about the overall quality and preparation of test-cases. Test-cases are the last step of a module based project execution which can save time by the overlapping phase solution. I improved most of the knowledge areas with some other idea which are listed in chapter 7.2. The next part of the document describes all of the ideas in a deliberate form and structure to the easy understanding. The last section is the testing of my new model which was simulated by the typical problems of one Ericsson project.


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