Project management tools in student organizations

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Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

It is really important, the students to be able to become a useful member of the society, right after they get their diploma. That emphasises the importance of the part time activities during the academic years. Joining a Student Organization is the best way how students can collect experiences about working life. They dont’t even feel that they study but results are always significant.

The project management, and the right use of it become more and more important in the technical area. During the projects the members have to be coordinated, plans have to be made about the use of the time, about the resources and quality. Real procedures have to be carried out and decisions have to be made. The right coordination of these technical projects are essential, it needs attention. These are significant not only in the industry or in the research and development, but nowadays also the student organizations use the methods of the project management, because of its complexity, resource-effectiveness and because of quality assurance reasons. This kind of open minded thinking gives opportunities to use external help. I deem it really important that the young people, like me, be able to study the relevant things (like the methods of project management) in an appropriate way. This is the reason why I started to deal with this issue. In my essay I study the use of the methods of the project management by the student organizations. My purpose is to compile a guide which presents the useful methods with examples.

In the beginning of my work I noticed the lack of available sources operate with that project management methods which are used by the student organizations.

This is the reason why I defined the concept of student organization. I used a questionnaire how prevalent the use of project management is in the present situation. I made personal interviews with organization leaders to determine the present attitude of the student organizations and the methods they use.

I interpreted the known methods of project management, I analyzed the utility of them, compared with the used methods by the student organizations. I collected the common problems and planned, compiled the guide according to them.

I would like to share the guide with the student organizations and examine the usefulness of it. The real effects of it are going to be seen just about 2-3 years later, when the use of the methods are going to be usual in the student organizations.


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