Development of a project management web portal

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Complex and large-scale IT projects carried out at a specific company or at any other similar organization require a highly detailed administration. Managing projects usually means the administration of the ongoing projects and developers but the financial sides of these projects can also be very important. These tasks can be quite challenging for the administrative staff especially in case of parallel projects and lot of developers.

The general project management system called Balance aims to solve these problems, developing this system is the main topic of this thesis. The application makes it possible for organizations to record their ongoing projects and people who are working on these projects. The wide integration of this application provides a central and unified interface for project supervision and management. Modelling the financial processes at the organization in question and by providing high level financial indicators, the application helps the financial side of the project management and acts as a Decision Support System. Because of the complexity of such application the development took place in a team where everybody had his own dedicated task.

The Balance mainly builds on web based technologies so it can cover the gap between different platforms and provide general and unified means to access its services. Because of the modern client based technologies there are less and less differences between thin and fat clients so it’s quite common nowadays to implement enterprise applications as thin clients. During this thesis my task is not only to develop the application mentioned above but also to get to know such technologies.


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