Comparison of project managament softwares

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of my paper is the definition and analysis of the most relevant properties (Chapter 2) of project management software products (Chapter 1.2) that are ubiquitous in the business world. I have developed a method to compare (Chapter 3) these properties and create a definite ranking.

I have tested the method on a control group of 12 randomly chosen people and 4 software products (Chapter 4): Microsoft Project 2007, ProJack, OpenProj, and GanttProject. The testing process is described in detail and illustrated by the evaluator’s comments. By evaluating the performance of the users, I divide them into groups (Chapter 6.2). Then I analyse the properties of the software products by themselves, regarding the users, compared to averages and each other in the light of the scoring and feedback of these groups. I present the results on illustrative charts, and I briefly summarize the deductible data (Chapter 6).

After I reveal all the factors that are measureable in the range of this paper, can be converted into numbers, and are vital in the comparing process, I present a simple equation which can be used to compute the scores that will serve as a foundation of ranking (Chapter 7.1). This score depends on the skills of the software’s intended future users, on weight values set by the user doing the query, and on the performance of the relevant group in each software.

To provide a proper, practical use for this method, I have created a web application (Chapter 7.2) which provides a convenient and simple interface, in which users can enter all the required data. The result will be a list of the software products in question in the order of appropriateness for the user, presented in an easy-to-read form, with a lot of complementary information such as the score or the price of the software products, or a link to their official websites.

Finally I summarize my ideas on the ways of potential expansion of the method (Chapter 8.1) for commercial and corporate uses, and I enumerate the trends and technologies that are likely to influence the future way of development of project management software.


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