Development of project portfolio management application for services and evaluation of software systems

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

Companies nowadays use project portfolio management systems to store data about their resource and time consumption required by their provided services. With these data they can observe whether their services fit to Service Level Agreement (SLA) terms under which they are able to determine future development demands.

My thesis can be divided into two main parts. First I gather information about project and project portfolio management. Then I present the HP Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPMC) I focus on the Demand Management module of it, then I write some words about what is SLA and when companies use it.

In the second section I create an SLA rating system. The system provides a real time, full-scale monitoring over all request that are submitted in the HP PPMC. It also provides a data consistency check on request forms. Furthermore a web service verifies all deadlines from the background. I present the creation of the project in three steps: there are different chapters for planning, implementation and testing.


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