Development of a Project Portfolio Management Aiding Tool in Microsoft SharePoint

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

After studying the methods of project portfolio management and understanding its defining components and processes, I have created lists for storing and displaying portfolio relevant data and workflows that materialize the portfolio management processes.

The central elements of the system are the portfolio components (meaning projects, programs and sub-portfolios). The other parts of the tool (like the budget list, or the list of deliverables) are in direct or in indirect relation with the components. The components main objective is for them to become active, meaning that the project or program in question can be executed. For a new component to be activated, a line of processes have to be performed on it. Through these processes, the component will be identified, categorized, evaluated and – several processes later – activated. I’ve implemented these processes as SharePoint workflows. The materialization of this line of processes is bundles of tasks. These bundles of tasks are being generated by workflows, correspondingly to a components phase switch. After a bundle of tasks has been completed, the component related to these will step into its next phase and a new bundle of tasks will be generated. This goes on till the component reaches its active phase.

This tool provides organized lists and libraries for the storage of data and methods for completing and tracking processes throughout the life cycles of each component.


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