Designing protypes on Ruby on Rails

OData support
Balássy György Miklós
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are a lot of stories about technology startup companies reaching really significant success nowadays. It sounds really good, but these are just a few companies from whole, because these ideas need a lot experience and competence. I’ve grab the first and maybe the most important step of this process, which is about how can we validate our idea.

It might be the best way to learn about the product, if we create a prototype with the minimum viable product. Creating a prototype needs much less resources than the whole product. After that, we can check easily the product/market fit, and we are able to make better decision to continue or not with the full product.

My thesis purpose is to present one way how, and why we should create prototype for our new idea before going to the real market. I’ve used my latest startup idea to present my opinion, how to build and manage a great team around the product, to show how to make main projecting decision and steps, useful tools and opportunity what we get if we use Ruby on Rails.


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