Prototype mobile application development for diabetics

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Writing a thesis is a mandatory objective for every university student who performs the last Bachelor of Science (Bsc) semester studies. During these semester studies everybody has to elaborate a project about a technology they are the most interested in by using the knowledge gained during the BSc training. Thesis writing can be more effective if the student chooses a topic, he is interested in and accepts the challenges he has to face during the realisation of his idea. Taking these considerations into account I have chosen a topic and have written a thesis about it. The project is not just a solution I have to implement for the purpose of the thesis, but it is about a global problem for a group of people with diabetes which became one of the most frequent disease for people in the 21st century. Like most diseases, medicine tries to learn diabetes management better by developing new treatments, however no perfect solution could be found so far. Nowadays diabetics have to follow a very strict schedule everyday, they have to care of themselves day by day and to follow the medical instruction in medicine dosage and meal.

In my thesis I developed a prototype Android application. During this semester besides technology solutions I integrated a blood glucose meter which supports Bluetooth communication with the aim of demonstrating what kind of possibilities this project has. This version consists of features specified by own ideas and other diabetic application reviews I found on Google Play. I used this method because I aimed to develop an application which is truly useful and could make an easier life for diabetics.

The current version of the application creates a basis for elaborating a more complex application solution, moreover for getting feedbacks from testees that may lead to future development and to the implementation of new ideas. These feedbacks could be used to choose the right direction for integrating of additional technological solutions.


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