Implementing a public key cryptography based authentication system using passive rfid tags

OData support
Gódor Győző
Department of Networked Systems and Services

NFC technology is actively used to provide authentication for individuals in

many situations. An NFC tag (i.e. an NFC capable card) is used with a suitable reader

attached to a system with a database of registered tags. The implementation in most of

these systems can easily be attacked, given the right tools. A tag used in one system is

usually unique to that system and cannot be used with another. In this thesis, I review

and compare existing products available on the market, analyzing them from a security

and compatibility point of view. I show some of their fundamental flaws and propose a

new system design which provides secure authentication and compatibility with any

number of systems, making use of only a single tag. Then, I create an implementation

for programmable smart cards along with client software to show its usage. I analyze

the communication protocol of the system while it is being used, and compare the speed

using different key sizes. Finally, I analyze the implementation and compare it with

other similar solutions.


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