Observation of Publish-Subscribe Based Communication

OData support
Huszerl Gábor Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

When it comes to real-time embedded systems, the fast and accurate communication is mandatory, so in the development phase we have to pay attention to it. It helps the development flow if we have a tool at hand, which can monitorize the communication between any given component in real-time without any significant prior configuration.

For handling the communication of embedded systems, MQTT and DDS are very popular choices. Prior is used for the lightweight and fast message-based communication, while the former is perfect for fast, secure and reliable data sharing in large volume.

I expound the main directives and mechanics of the two protcols in this paper as well as the components and structure of the two implementations I will be using. I will design and implement a simple tool with which I will be able to observe the communication on the network that is using MQTT or DDS protocol with only a minimal prior knowledge concerning the configuration of the protocols (MQTT broker IP address, DDS domain ID).

Lastly I will use the tool with multiple systems, examine the results and draw the conclusion.


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