Desing, optimization and analisys of a circuit board for Pump controller

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

My project work was the design of a microfluidics system this semester, which I had done for 77Elektronika Kft. My task was to analize and customize a circuit designed by the company. The optimization was based upon the control requirements of a piezoelectric pump.

As a first step, I have got acquainted to the genereal application fileds of microfluidic systems, to the physical and electrical parameters and operation principles of pumps available. After selecting the optimal pump type and making the specification, the design started.

I have imported and acutalized the schematic design of the circuit to Altium Designer programme, as the original files provided by the company were made in OrCAD software. Then I orptimized the files and added other elements necessary for the circuit. One of the most important sub-circuits is the digital-analogue converter. After doing a literature research in this topic, I have selected a functional model suitable for the task and designed it according to the specifications. It this task, I could apply my preliminary knowledge in practice. I got acquainted to the simulation block of the design software and tested the expected funtions of the device.

Next, I have designed the layout of the circuit according to the technological and ordering specifications of a PCB manufacturing company. I have selected the exact footprints for the components, while taking the affordable component density into consideration. It was a crucial point that the circuit has to join a measuring testmodule both in mechanical and electrical way. According to the layout design, the PCBs were manufactured, and I mounted the circuit by hand soldering. The PCB manufacturing process was documented.

After soldering, the prototype was switched on and tested thoroughly. After the calibration and measurements, I can state that the measured values are sufficiently close to the simulated ones, they are nearly the same. It has been found that the produced module is suitable for controlling the pump, the project now can move on to the testing of samples.


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