Enhancement of the integration level of QAD EA and EAM systems

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I describe a module that handles the maintenance needs of specific assets of the QAD Inc. enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. I also include the QAD Enterprise Application, (QAD EA) system and the QAD Enterprise Asset Management (QAD EAM) module responsible for the maintenance of the QAD EA.

In the following I will be talking about the goals of ERP. I also take into account the importance of the state of machinery used in manufacturing, and outline the expectations of the industry towards these systems mentioned.

After that I present in detail the QAD EA mechanisms for production support, specifically the reports needed for completed projects. I review those functions which give us more precise information on the state of the machinery responsible for the manufacturing. I present the currently used maintenance system of QAD and inspect the processes which are vital to running of said module. Finally I’ll describe the current connection between QAD EA and EAM.

In the following chapters I present the work order reports through which we get a better understanding of the amortization of our assets. I outlined and created a function that calculates the wear of the items, machines and work centers defined by the QAD EA, and the automatic issuing of maintenance orders when reaching the predefined maintenance threshold. During this process I illustrated the more important arguments influencing the decisions, and developed in detail the best solution. Finally I used predetermined tests on the programs in order to ascertain whether they prove to function properly and if they fulfill these expectations.

At the end of my thesis I summarize the results and suggest a way for future enhancement of the maintenance function.


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