QR Code Based Supply Management System

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis project I designed and developed a supply management system based on QR code technology, for a company that specialized on the development and manufacturing of synthetic resin components.

As the system started to take form during the development process, as grew the needs of new functions that made the task unique. This forced me to take some steps back, and re-design my work.

In this project I examined the usability of QR code technology in industrial environment. I designed the supply management system, and developed its client side, with a simple application on the server side for testing. The completed parts of the project are ready to get integrated in the authentication and measurement system of the production plant.

The system contains a program on the client side that can build its user interface according to parameters given by the serve. When the user fills a form or interacts with the frontend in any other way the program checks whether the required conditions are met or not. If they are the client sends the filled form to the server and rebuilds itself according to the response. This can be used to alternate the client side of the application without modifying its source code and reinstall components on the smartphone.


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