QR Code Based Social Networking Service

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It is important to encourage the proactive behaviour within the communities. Our aim was to implement a client-server architecture service to help the „Pay it forward” and „Random act of kindess” movements. I gained experience in the different aspects of the planning and developing of services.

The idea of these services is based on a printed card with QR code on it. The services, that we implemented can be accessed with the help of these physical cards, that will be passed on from user to user. The location tracking of the passing on event, will make it possible to study this phenomenon.

Both of us participated in the planning, but we divided the tasks and implemented them individually. During the work I got to familiarize myself with the server side’s capabilities and constraints. I have a better understanding about the client-server architecture since I know how the Symfony framework works.

As an iOS developer I got the chance to try new things during the implementation of the application, such as the new iOS 8 UIViewController navigation logic or a design concept unfamiliar to me.


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