Policy control in software defined networks

OData support
Faigl Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The Software Defined Network is a new approach to build and manage a network that brings a higher level of network management. SDN separates the data and control planes, which enables centralized control of the network operator. The control is effected through the controller, which has different API-s to communicate with Applications, that drives the controller and with the network elements that are responsible for the transmission of packets. Each way to implement SDN network we can use the OpenFlow protocol, that facilitates communication between the switches and controllers.

For most networks, it is important to ensure QoS, since otherwise there is no guarantee the parameters in the SLA contract. Today, we come across a wide range of traffic with different bandwidth requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to separate the flows, ensuring the proper size for each resource streams. This is QoS principle.

In my paper I review some of the QoS techniques and their advantages and disadvantages. There are several options examined by using programmable switches that are designed to achieve the QoS. The positive effects of each setting, I certify measurements.


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