Quadrocopter development

OData support
Dr. Balogh Attila
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our days quadrocopters are highly popular among hobbyists and modellers. They gained this popularity because of their simple manuverability, hovering capabilities, and high stability. This construction is mostly the minified version of the classical helicopter, having four rotors instead of only a pair of main and tail rotors.

The subject of my thesis was to create a similar construction, without using any kind of pre-made, designed or built circuit, frame, or software. Thus the goal of the project was an engineering immersion in the nowadays so actively researched area: the area of robotics. During the work on my thesis I tried to show the most importat stepst of the developing, such as: the concept of the frame developing, concepts of hardware developing and circuit part choosing, and way of the solutions for the sorftware problems. During the design and implementation period, I tried to design into the system as many opportunities as possibile for future research and improvement.


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