R-based visual analysis methods

OData support
Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

It is easier for humans to process and understand visualized data than to do the same based on its text or table representation. The main tool of visual data analysis is the graphical illustration of data that makes creating and refining theories easier through recognizing patterns.

There are already some software products in existence that can create plots based on datasets, but mostly these software solutions are expensive and hard to integrate with enterprise information systems. R is a programming language that is used for data analysis and statistical computing, but using it’s extensions it can make data visualization effective, and recently its usage is becoming more and more common. There are also many new technologies that focus on the integration of R analyses.

The goal of my thesis is to describe visual data analysis and the R language, to show the possibilities of representing data visually and how to display analysis results in clients. My task is to explore the architectural possibilities of integrating analysis results in enterprise information systems and to implement examples that show these possibilities. After implementing the examples I have to compare these solutions taking various issues into consideration.


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