Automatic generation of REST services

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Well-known and popular Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) [5] was created on account of today's requirements of companies and the computer and Internet user habits of modern people. The increasing of corporate sector, the expanding needs of IT sector and the use of mobile devices made the creation of distributed, multi-component systems necessary.

With the rapid technological improvements Internet and one of its main services, World Wide Web started to play a main role finding the best solution for these needs evolving and using several standards.

While developing the components of web services we have to solve time-consuming, somehow iterative problems that could be automated, but until now it is not resolved properly. WSDL [9] descriptions are often overly redundant, JAX-WS [18] and WCF [22] solutions can be simplified, communication between components can be made faster. Raising the APIs to a higher level of abstraction can make the description and implementation of web services faster and automated.

For this, an abstract component description language and a code generator are needed that generates the codes, the skeletons, the interfaces and everything that can be produced automatically without the direct intervention of the developer. The SOAL language and framework created at the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology makes exactly this happen.

The purpose of this thesis is to present the operation and structure of web services in general and a platform dependent way, especially the SOAL framework and its generator. In addition, the purpose of this thesis is to expound the REST [13] technology and present the implementation and testing steps of a SOAL module capable to generate REST services.


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