Designing of RFID based check in system

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Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis show the steps of the designing of an RFID based check in system for the Profigram Ltd. Int he beginning of the thesis I show the main parts of check in systems and I have written about some technologies used to use in check in systems and some are in use nowadays, highlight the chosen RFID technology.

The following, I show deisgning steps and the choosen software and hardware components. The system contains 3 main parts the microcontroller based RFID reader module, the supervisory program, which runs on PC and a database. The main task, and the biggest part of the thesis, was the designing thy reader tool. The supervisory program has written in CLI/C++ and contains a comfortable user interface with buttons, comboboxes etc. The database was not the part of the project, it will be created by an other person. Ont he PCB, I used a graphics display for giving messages to the entering useres.

Fort he building of the reader module I used an STM32F4 Discovery kit and an NXP based reader module.


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