Investigation of technology into the development of RFID tags on biodegradable circuit substrates

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

This thesis investigates the problem, how could we use the bioderadable materials during the production of RFID tags. One of the most important problem is that, how could we reduce the effect of waste ont he environment. The electronical industry is one of the most developing sector, it is necessary to invastigate that, what kind of materials could we use to reduce the contamination on the environment. During my workflow I have thoroughly studied the categories of the biodegradable materials, and chose that, which is fit for the used technolgies. The chosen material is the cellulose-acetate (CA), because it seemed the fit to my project according to department’s experiments. I chose the 13,56 MHz standards for my experiments, knowing its fitting properties. I bought a RFID reader and card (used like an etalon), what are working according to 13,56 MHz standards. I have tied to reproduce the etalon card on the CA substrate, regarding to the given the technology opportunities. I have planed the parameters of the card which will be implement on CA substrate, I constructed the CA board, and I made the RFID antenna in the laboratory Department, whereof I soldered the chip with a heater. I tested the construction with the RFID reader. The measurement result shows that, the card is working like the etalon card, it has all of the expected funcitons. The experiments prove that it is possible to consider that opportunity, where we could use the biodegradable materials in electornical industry, to reduce the dangerous materials for the environment.


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