Interfacing an RFID reader to an ABB AC800M controller

OData support
Dr. Loványi István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During the controlling of chemical processes, the control system and its operators must overcome various problems. These include the identification and measurement of the used materials according to the technological formula, and monitoring them during manufacturing.

RFID technology can offer great support in automatic tracking of materials and devices. By automatic, I mean there is no need to identify manually every piece by the operators at each stage, like with the barcode-based systems. Using appropriate devices, a system can be installed which can track the marked objects within the building in „real-time”.

Within the framework of this thesis, I will present the RFID technology and the efficiency of its use in material registration systems, followed by the structure and operation of a modern industrial process control system. During the integration of the RFID technology, the task was to establish communication with the process controller, interpret incoming data, format it and save it to a database.

Another task was to write a sample program which can test the implemented functions, and to create a user interface.

I wrote my thesis at ABB Ltd., where I could gain insight to the work of an multinational company, and could also gain valuable experience.


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