RFID based mobile transaction management

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Electronic waves surround the modern man. We use mobile telephones to communicate with our friends, browse the web, send and receive e-mails. Almost all tasks can be made via our mobile without our desktop PC. The RFID is there in our every days, even if we do not notice. When we buy a book and when stepping out of the store an alarm goes off, they use RFID technology there too.

We want to use our telephone for everything, more and more services are available through service providers. This thesis wants to show and create such a new service. With the help of the mobile telephones, RFID and the internet, I would like to create and design a system that can be used to purchase goods or consume services. Before designing the system I had to perform a research on the RFID and mobile payment subject. Using this knowledge I designed and implemented a client-server architecture in which the client runs on Android, using PayPal for payment transactions. I designed the server for the Cloud and I used Microsoft Azure technology. The system’s data is built on Azure SQL. Using the advantages of WCF I created a RESTful service using a fully custom implementation on the client side and extended the WCF capabilities on the server side. I used the server as a mediator between the customer and the merchant in their communication, using PUSH messages to initiate connection towards the clients.

The new smartphones have GPS capability. With the help of GPS we always have the exact information where the purchase was made. It can be used for fraud detection too, because if the seller is in America and a buyer in Asia, that transaction can be suspicious.

We can see all our transactions with the phone. We have to approve every transaction so even if someone clones our RFID, he cannot use it without our phone.


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