Development of RFID-based access control system

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Varga Lajos
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

My thesis work is the design and construction of an RFID-based (Radio Frequency IDentification) access control system. I started with the evaluation of the required functions and services of an access control system, then I created the system-level specifications, taking into account the needs of a consumer-grade user. I have taken into account the aspects of security, robustness, cost efficiency and ease of use.

In the hardware design chapter I discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions chosen for the respective functions. The hardware design is introduced from a block diagram level all the way through the manufacturing and testing of the final device.

Then I introduce the requirements towards the embedded software, deal with the details of implementation, followed by an operational description, with special emphasis on the most critical areas. Then I discuss the structure and operation of the PC-based application that is connected to the embedded software.

The thesis is concluded with a summary and a brief evaluation of further development aspects.


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