Rack automation with .NET based technologies

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The management and preparation of racks and the drive technology elements on the racks often gives people a time-consuming and difficult task. Without software or an extremely helpful colleague it is impossible to switch on a device and work with it from other sites. It is not sure, that a tester or a developer has enough hardware knowledge for his/her work. So, without automation these colleagues must expand their knowledgebase. The workers would like to control these devices remotely. In this way their work would be easier because fewer skills are enough to accomplish their tasks. It also makes it easy to work without having to enter the lab unless it is absolutely necessary. That is why it has become indispensable to create a system that can handle these racks, according to user events. Moreover, there was not any solution that shows any state information about the devices of a rack.

So, I created a server-client architecture-based application. On the server side there is a WCF service that communicates with the hardware and the clients, and on the other side there is a WPF program, displaying status information, which enables user inputs. These two products together enable users to operate racks manually and with a help of an automat. It works as a reservation, information provider system, and with the help of this application multiple switching mechanisms is also available. As a result, a project has emerged from these applications that are used in several locations in plentiful countries, and many users see the future of rack automation at the company in this application.

This specific solution provides extensive support, and because of that the hardware elements can stay as they are. It is easy for employees to build in this application due to this, and that is why it became liked and popular.


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