Radio configuration with scripting language

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The time requirement of software and hardware development tasks is largely dependent on automation of processes. The purpose of this thesis is to provide automatic configuration function for the Silicon Labs EZRadioPRO wireless ICs.

The solution provided may be useful within and outside the company. It can be used in the radio chips testing and validation processes as well as in development based on the ICs.

Silicon Labs provides Eclipse-based development tooling for its integrated circuits. The thesis shows how the Eclipse Platform can be extended by migrating and further developing functions from an existing radio configuration application.

The application envisioned in the thesis description allows generating and running tests to automatically validate radio ICs, hereby fastening developments based on the circuits.

The first chapter describes the task details. The second chapter is to introduce tools used in the development. The third chapter is about the design and implementation of the software components. The last chapter sums up the work carried out.


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