Radiofrequency protocol design, implementation and testing on various devices

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of this thesis is comparing some radiofrequency devices available on the market, and defining the data link and the network layer of the OSI model to the wireless network built with their use, as well as writing the driver level, which liaise with every single hardware.

There is a huge market of choice for wireless devices. These include circuits, which is fully compatible with the standard IEEE 802.15.4, as well devices, which only define the physical layer, and leave the definition of the data link layer to the developer. Therefore, first describe the basics of radio communication, the OSI model and the standard IEEE 802.15.4 (chapter 1), then compare a few selected radiofrequency devices, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages relevant to the thesis (chapter 2).

The structured program and the driver level is presented in chapter 3, while the subsequent two chapters contain the two developed protocol (data link layer: chapter 4, network layer: chapter 5).


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