High-level synthesis of radiosignal intensity-based signal processing system

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Dr. Arató Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays in the world of digital systems, compound and complex tasks occur more frequently, due to the rapid development of the technology. Because the common processors no longer provide a solution in all cases to them, as a consequence, use of heterogeneous multiprocessor architectures has become more widespread. In the construction of such systems, more complicated, "intelligent" building blocks are used. To utilize the maximum of the resulting substantial benefits, the design process needs to start with high level of abstraction. This is essentially the system-level synthesis. From the determined specifications of the task, in addition to the boundary conditions, to the process of an optimal structure determination called high-level synthesis. This method consists of several key steps, such as scheduling, allocation, etc.

The aim of the thesis is to use the high-level synthesis with given decompositions and allocations and examine a certain signal processing system with these, and to find the best possible solution for the system by changing certain parameters.


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