Radio Communication Module Development

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Varga Lajos
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Nowadays the number of wireless communication devices is growing rapidly.

My thesis is the development of a short-range wireless communication device, which may be used to showcase basic features of radio communication systems. In the first part of the thesis I present the data communication system, the layout of the radio communication module and I also give an outline of the operation of the module.

The following section describes the hardware design procedure, with the selection criteria of the circuit components. I present the structure and circuit diagram of the main units of the radio communication module. The process of matching the high-frequency filter circuits and the signal interface required for serial communication circuit operation are also introduced.

I present the UART and the SPI communication protocols, digital RF modulation modes, the radio packet structure and the radio data communication process. I present the testing procedures applied on the radio communication module and the test environment, with results of the tests also given.

At the end of thesis, I summarize the results of the development work and introduce the possible directions of further development.


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