Designing the mobile unit of radio positioning system

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this thesis is to design a microcontroller based radio positioning system which can work in underwater environment. The mobile unit is capable of sending and receiving messages using radiofrequency. It is suitable for measuring temperature and pressure, furthermore it can process and store the measured datas.

The first chapter summarizes the prospects and problems of underwater radio frequency communication, describes the radio spectrum and the selection of the radio frequency which is most suitable for underwater communication considering the national frequency control. Then it summarizes the most important properties of radio frequency transceivers.

The second chapter gives an overview on the theory of radio frequency localization, then introduces the system requirements. Besides it contains the introduction of some transceiver modules which are suitable for the device. The hardware design describes the selected devices. Finally it contains the circuit diagram, the breadboard model and the printed circuit board.

Chapter three gives a detailed description of the software, introduces the data transfer, the different modes and the process of measuring datas.

Chapter four presents the test results of the complete device.

The last chapter contains a short user’s guide.


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