Investigation of Radio Load Balancing Algorithms in LTE Networks

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Dr. Bitó János
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The 4. generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile networks are developed with algorithms that through automation of network management tasks, at the same time the network is able to reduce operating costs and improve performance. These algorithms are called self-organizing network solution (Self Organizing Networks - SON), one of the most important SON algorithm is the radio load balancing algorithm (Mobility Load Balancing - MLB).

In my thesis I will describe the most important characteristics of the 4. Generation (Long Term Evolution - LTE) networks, I will present the self-organizing network management solutions, and show in detail the Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) function. I will analyze the impact of MLB to TCP-based traffic, and the influence of the transport network's congestion to the MLB. I will present the efficiency of the algorithm in different cases.


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