Cartoon-like rendering in real time

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis work presents algorithms designed to render 3D models in cartoon-like style. The main goal is to illustrate and shade the models with contours and cartoon-like coloring. I present solutions for these processes that can be parameterized by the user and which are able to render the scenes with the help of the GPU.

When we say contour drawing, we mean the process when the artist creates boundary lines around the objects and at the object’s characteristic edges. In this manner we can highlight the 3D features of the objects in the 2D space. We can distinguish even similarly colored objects from each other if outlined. The cartoon-style coloring is widely used in today’s media to drive the attention on important details, or to hide the less interesting ones.

Both the coloring and the contour drawing have been implemented several times previously. This work concentrates on the real time implementation of the contour drawing.

The results were rated subjectively because of the manner of the task. I regard the main criterion to be that the contour drawing should complement the coloring, reintroducing lost shape detail. It was also one of my main concerns that the contour drawing has to be adjustable even when rendering real time. I had implemented the designed algorithms so I could examine them during execution. The full implementation was created under DirectX 10, and exploits the modern graphical hardware’s capabilities.


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