Developing warehouse management optimizer algorithm and program in QAD Warehousing module

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I closely observe a warehouse management process. After I generally present the QAD Enterprise Application, the QAD Inc.'s enterprise resource planner software from the logistics' point of view, I run on the details of Warehousing which is QAD's warehouse management module.

I scrutinize the concepts, core data and the steps of the configuration which I have to set during my task. I draw up the warehouse process optimizer algorithm types then I describe the practical cases of the usage.

Speaking about a common producer company, I introduce the former warehouse management practice which were in charge before the installation of the QAD system. I present this firm's warehousing process of picking, specifying it's requirements, then I take a look on my custom algorithms, which fit the industrial expectations. I cover each one's logic and the technical aspects of the implementation which derives from the nature of Progress programming language, then I describe the methodology of the testing.


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