Supportting Warehouse Management on a SAP Netweaver Gateway and UI5 basis

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis work was an endeavour to upgrade an existing and currently deployed mobile solution according to the latest SAP technologies available whose function is to support various warehouse management activities in an SAP ERP environment.

The primary aim was to set up a prototype software for demonstrational purposes representing the latest SAP web service solution and a mobile user interface technology which could be used in the future as a basis for further developments.

It was an explicit requirement to keep the deployed server side business logic untouched and reach a good synthesis between the new and the old implementations as it makes the development process cheaper and shortens the time required.

The front-end is based on the latest SAP UI5 framework while the back-end was built on the foundation of the SAP Netweaver Gateway technology. My project involved the design and the implementation of the client and the server side software as well as the communication between them with the use of OData services.

In the first part of my essay I will discuss the underlying business process as well as the functionality of the software to be upgraded. In the second part I will give an overview about the steps of the development process and demonstrate the tools and concepts which were used and later I will summarize the experiences and the achievements. Finally I will give some suggestions about the possible future extensions that can enable the solution to be used in a productive environment.


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