Web application development for inventory management

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays a festival is held almost every week along with several smaller events. More and more movies are being shot worldwide. A common thing between events and movie shootings is, that for the workforce to be effective, several different pieces of equipment need to be provided.

The provided equipment often has high value and is often rented from different companies. Pieces of equipment are often given out on a daily basis from an ad hoc storage on location. Missing and late collected equipment can lead to significant expenses for the event or shooting organizer company.

The system developed in this work, has the ability to keep an inventory of the equipment used by the event or movie shooting staff. An important goal was during the development, to create an application that can be easily used even in the fast paced working environments of events and movie shootings.

The web application’s architecture consists of several components with different responsibilities. This work presents the aspects of choosing the technologies to develop the components, briefly introduces the used technologies and documents the important development steps of the components.

This work also presents the development of some application wide services, which affect more than one component, for example the notifications of an equipment given out or taken back, or the generation of equipment usage statistics.

Because the uneven annual distribution of shootings and events, an important aspect of the architecture design was to provide the components the ability to scale horizontally, in order to lower the operation costs.


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