Development of a Rspberry PI/Titan Based Automated Test Framework

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, testing is a fundamental step in the workflow of developing complex systems. Testing can highlight most of the bugs in the system before the first deployment. Bugfixing is usually much cheaper in early phases of the development. This is the main motivation to start testing as soon as possible. In some special cases there is no opportunity for testing after deployment. In the development of these systems, proper testing needs more attention. The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) that is being developed by Puli Space Hungary is one of these systems and is the main moti-vation of this thesis. The Puli Space team’s decade of work can go to waste if something goes wrong with the Puli LRV.

The thesis presents a test language designed for theis specific case and a possible imp-lementation for it. The test system is able to interpret and execute tests in runtime. The thesis leads through the design, implementation and the testing of the system. The whole testing framework can make the testing of Puli-like systems much more easy, however the developed system presented in the thesis covers only a small amount of the whole framework, which is still capable of demonstratinge the usage of the system.

The presented framework fulfills its predefined requirements. The experience earned on development can aid the implementation of alternative solutions.


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