Development of a sensor network based on Raspberry PI

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my degree work I implemented a wireless sensor network based on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer.

First of all, I briefly summarized the causes of the emergence of sensor networks and the history of their development. Then I described the characteristics of such networks and the topologies that can be created. I have briefly described a possible way of the message queue based communication and its advantages against the HTTP protocol.

I presented the required functions and outlined the relationship between each component.

Then I desribed the components needed to complete the central unit and the sensor modules, as well as the steps of the hardware design.

I briefly outlined the operation of the radio communication circuitry.

Then I presented the steps of the software design. I also outlined the dangers present on devices connected to the internet and described the necessary precautions. I have outlined the structure of the programs written for the microcontrollers and the structure and implementation of the web application.

I tested the completed system by component.

Finally, I outlined the possible way in which the sensor network could be further developed.


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