Front door entry monitoring system based on Raspberry Pi

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Networked embedded systems become more and more popular, this called „Internet of Things” (IoT). The „Internet of Things” is presented in all part of life. One of the most important part of IoT is home automation. Thanks to IoT, cheap, but good quality devices, sensors spread throughout. So people can easily automate their own homes in the „Do it Yourself” (D.I.Y.) way. Home automation has many part, one of these is „Home Security”. Home Security contains security camera systems, illegal entry watch and owner warning. These applications’s installation and maintenance were expensive, before Internet of Things. My thesis project belongs to home security. The application can detect, that the house/apartment owner opens the door or an unauthorized intruder opens. If there was unauthorized access, then takes a picture, and send an e-mail notification with the image to the owner. Furthermore the users can watch the camera in a live stream and can manage in their mobile phones or in a web page.


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