Realistic car simulation for computer games

OData support
Dr. Magdics Milán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Video games often offer the ability to control a vehicle, most commonly personal- or race cars. Both controlling and the possible deformations (e. g. damages from collision) are based on simplified physical models, which significantly reduce the computing complexity and also provide a real life like experience. A physical model, which decipts reality much better provides a much more realistic experience and can be used in a wider range as well (e. g. in the automobile industry). The goal of this thesis is to create a simulation environment, which is able to run in real-time and provides as much realistic deformation as possible. The task includes examining deformation models in literature, comparing them and implementing the promising parts and also adding new ideas. Opposing to the chosen method(s) it is important, that beside realistic simulation it should work in real-time, it should be able to integrate in any game engine and creating the physical data structure should not require any significant human resource.


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