Pc plays tetris with itself

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Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of the diploma wasn’t an everyday task. In the introduction it undertook the following:”real time processing of the camera’s images to control autonomously the TETRIS game via a program”. Of course, what counts real-time applications it is difficult to judge, but if your machine can play as fast as a man it would be OK in this case. With these initial plans began the planning and the developing process.

In the first chapter you can read the summary of the history of well known TETRIS and rules of the game.

In the second chapter we showed the development of the basic model, where a webcam watches the computer’s display. Our own developed program catch the images which are coming from the webcam then analyze it to determine what is the upcoming piece then calculate the best place and finally perform an action to place that piece. The chapter described the image processing and pattern recognition areas as deep as the tetris game needed and introduced the idea and the design of the Artificial Intelligence.

In the third chapter, we presented the second chapter‘s program on a hardware (FPGA) implementation. The hardware implementation has the advantage that the application can be faster and more efficient. This hardware design and development steps could follow up. The chapter discussed the basic concept itself and the equipment, but the USB host and device-side implementations got the most attention. Furthermore the chapter discussed the JPEG image’s receiving and converting process.

As a conclusion we can say that we successfully completed the undertaken challenges and we acquired plenty of experience in the different electrical and informatics fields.


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