Mass-analysis of recipe master data in SAP PLM system

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of my thesis was to develop an application that provides product developers of food industries an easy to use interface where recipe master data can be analyzed massively.

I started my work with a thorough understanding of the desired business processes then examined the SAP technologies I used (such as AMDP, CDS, OData, SAPUI5, FIORI).

After that I made a high level design about the task to be performed during which several alternative solutions came up. I examined them individually and then decided on the solution that will bring the quickest run results.

After the high level design I planned the application based on SAP FIORI from the structure of the elements through the screens and fields to the main functions.

During the implementation I had to use multiple programming languages such as ABAP, SQL, HTML5, Javascript, XML.

Finally, I have developed an End-to-end application with which the any user can extract information from various recipes and their ingredients interactive way. The application allows a quick and easy search of the recipes and their ingredients, the occurrence of individual ingredients in recipes as well as the relationship between the ingredients, for example, which ingredients are most likely to be used together. It is also possible to work on several recipes simultaneously, which further supports complete transparency. The results list can be further filtered and saved to an Excel spreadsheet.

Finally, this complex task, which involved working across several technological areas was a great learning opportunity for me that I will be able to utilise in my future work as well. It is a particular pleasure for me that I was able to develop an application that was very well received by our customers when it was presented to them and they provided very constructive feedback that I plan to implement in the future.

I have tested the app from different aspects, it works properly and it may be suitable to transfer it in a production system.


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