Supporting engineering activities during the recipe development process with UI5 technology

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The thesis is focused on the main business object of the SAP PLM process oriented component, namely recipe. The recipe is a hierarchical information container for the design phased products. The current editor is very hard to understand with a lot of information on its screens. Most of the information is irrelevant for formula developers therefore the huge amount of interactions harden their daily work. The SAP prepared a team for analyzing the problem and making solution alternatives using the Design Thinking methodology. Their aim was to simplify the screens and create a valid business scenario for the employees working in the formula developer role. The keywords of the project were simplification, modernization, increasing user experience and effectiveness.

I made the design, implementation and testing tasks of the application idea coming from the Design Thinking project. The purpose of my work was a technologically up-to-date implementation and not a properly finished UI-oriented realization. I wanted to observe how the technologies can meet the requirements of such an application and what kind of issues come up during development. My work can help predicting the difficulties in the business area and recommending techniques for a scenario or task.

During implementation I got to know the CDS and External views, the opportunities of AMDP, and the creation of native HANA models. I experienced how these development tools are communicating each other and how they can be integrated with SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP HANA Cloud Platform. I managed to configure a platform account and use the built in development environment.

I successfully moved the Compliance Check business logic from the sequential execution to HANA database. Regarding this reassignment, sequential execution engine is replaced by the optimizer of SAP HANA.

Finally I created an end-to-and implementation for the topic, in which I integrated ABAP OO language with modern development and modelling tools like CDS, AMDP, SADL.


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