Development of receipt management and reporting services for a new process controller to a granulator device

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Part of the country's largest pharmaceutical company located in the pelletizing plant is a granulator which performs granulation of powder mixtures with solution for the medicines.

The actuality of this thesis is the complete change of the controlling system, which covers new control system hardware and software components.

A brief description of the system set up during the exchange: carried out using a Siemens S7 PLC as main control unit, process visualization and monitoring is carried out by a local PC running WinCC application that collects data of the production and washing processes implemented by the granulator machine with archiving, reporting and fault management purposes. The data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server. A report manager and a recipe editor module are also components of the system.

At the beginning of the thesis the original and the new system's hardware configuration is presented. In addition, a detailed description of the physical structure of the machine and its operating modes is located.

The main topic of the thesis is the creating process of the visualization system and the presentation of the complete user interface. From the creation of smaller components, tools toward functional description of the screens that are built from them.

At the end of the document the main features of the recipe editor which is responsible for the management of production recipes and the report manager will be presented.


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