Formula-based process control system implemented in SIMATIC PCS7

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Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

I have written my thesis at Evopro ltd. The company is in close connection with Siemens, they use the German company’s hardware and software in order to do process-controlling tasks. My professional practice at Evopro gave me a chance to get to know closely the world of process-controlling as well as Simatic PCS7 (Process Control System) software system developed by Siemens. The PCS7 includes all the elements of an industrial establishment that carry out automation task.

My theme is to model the function of a mixture factory in the SIMATIC PCS7 system. These kind of factories operate typically fractionally, the fabrication of products happens by a recipe. These conditions make the Simatic Batch system capable of solving the task. It could be widely used, flexibly formed, and contains technological processes, functions, solutions specified by the National Standards.

In my thesis, after presenting the PCS7 and Simatic Batch systems, the steps of the project’s formation will be shown. After making clear the needs of the customer and making punctual the tasks you can read the review of the used devices. Then, factory units’ controlling on different PLC programming languages could be found as well as visualization belonging to the project which was made by WinCC Editor. Finally, by right of the recipes written in the Batch Recipe Editor, the Batch Control Center’s controlling will be introduced.

The project could be used both showing the Batch system in details and testing.


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